Personal ShoppingPersonal Shopper

Special Occasion? Don’t know what to buy? Refreshing your look?  Need a Gift idea?

Did you have a Wardrobe Consultation / Edit with me? Now is the time to shop and fill in the ‘GAPS!’

You are in the right place! Personal Shopping is on the rise, regardless of your reason, gender or size!  Style High Personal Shopping will give you the expert style tips and advice on how to become a better/smarter shopper in this informal and relaxed session! Shopping with you or for you (if you are time poor) And…..Yes, Guys are welcome as well!

Don’t waste money on clothes that don’t suit you, or you will never wear again. Let me guide you to the shops with clothes that suit you, your shape and budget.  There is never any pressure to buy, as we don’t work for any retailers, so the decision of where to shop is purely because we believe they have the right Style and Budget for you!

Ready to become a Savvy Shopper? Contact us and learn how to shop your Style Smartly

Step 1 We’re Ready to Go! (not required for Wardrobe Consultation / Edit clients)

So you have either had a Style High Wardrobe Consultation / Edit, or you have decided to experience a Style High Personal Shopping Session…Fantastic! You should have received your Style High Client Form. Once you’ve completed and returned your Style High Client Form, I can begin building on your personal fashion style for our Shopping Session.

Step 2 – Consultation (not required for Wardrobe Consultation / Edit clients)

Let’s have a quick chat! This shopping experience is about you! So I need to take a little bit of your time to manage expectations and to find out in more detail about your personality, current style, budget, likes and dislikes .

Step 3 Time to Shop

Enjoy the experience, even if you think shopping is a chore! I bring the stock to you, so you don’t waste any of your time, after all , I am YOUR Personal Shopper, let me spoil you! Remember you don’t need to spend a fortune on fashion to look and feel fantastic!  Whether you buy on the day or not is entirely up to you. As a Fashion Stylist and your Personal Shopper, I will guide you to the stores and boutiques that reflect your style requirements, personality and budget.

Step 4 Results!

Learn how and where to shop to suit your Style, Shape and Budget! Enjoy this New Style, More Confidence, New You!

Step 5 Follow up

One week after your Style High Personal Shopping Session I will personally follow up with a phone call to see how you felt about the experience and answer any questions you may have.

Your Style High Personal Shopping Session includes:

  • Receive your Style High Client Form to Complete and Return
  • Phone Consultation and Style Brief
  • 1 x 2hrs Guided Shop and Style Experience
  • Follow Up Phone Conversation and Email
  • Unlimited Ongoing Style and Advice


Contact us to Book or find out more  If you like this for yourself or want to ‘Gift it’ for someone special

* We also offer Shopping/Styling events for Groups of 3 or more*


Please note, we cover the Macarthur, Southern Highlands, Camden, Liverpool, Wollongong, Penrith and CBD Regions  

Unsure if we cover your area? Call or Send an email so we can help you.


We do NOT work for any retailer, so there is no pressure to purchase and the decision on which Shops we attend is purely because we believe this is the right Style for you.


Client Testimonials:

 “...she can help out with anything from helping shop for an outfit to cleaning out your wardrobe!” - Alexie


"Helping me feel immediately comfortable"..."our shopping trip for a few bits was so helpful, I'm going to be wishing I have you on every shopping trip Narelle!" - ASY


“Would highly recommend!” - LW


"...Shopping for some new pieces and showing me what I can do with them was a great experience. You are a wealth of knowledge and a pleasure to shop with. I am delighted to recommend your expertise to anyone that wants a great personal stylist. Thanks for helping to realise my potential." JenLee