Wardrobe Consultation / Edit


Does this sound familiar? “I have a wardrobe full of clothes and nothing to wear? 


Whether your wardrobe is cluttered, uncluttered, full of under or oversized clothes or full of items you love but don’t know how to put together to maximise your investment, we can help!


Your wardrobe is your Biggest investment in yourself.  So, wouldn’t you want to get more out of your wardrobe?


As overwhelming as it seems, it is quite therapeutic and when the job is done, that weight will be lifted!  I can help you find your dream wardrobe with your existing clothes by mixing and matching what you already have.  If we find we need to fill in any ‘Gaps’ a Style High Personal Shopping experience can be organised for a later date.


Interested? Contact us and get ready for a great 2 hours!


Step 1 Wardrobe Consultation / Edit

Let’s talk! We’ll have a quick chat on the phone to understand your key challenges and manage expectations, to help me gain some insight into your personality and style. From here I will forward a Style High Client Form for you to complete and return, then I will let you know a few key things required from you before we start, so we stay on task!


Step 2 Body Analysis and Style High Wardrobe Consultation / Edit

With your completed Style High Client Form in hand, I’ll come to your home and we’ll have another quick chat about you, your lifestyle and outline the expected outcome. This will give me a better sense of the image you want to project in your outfits. Now I’m armed with a visual I know what will and what won’t work on your Body Shape. We then decide what to Keep, Toss or Alter.


Step 3 Let the Fun Begin

Now, I will show you how to create outfits from your wardrobe (if there is anything left!).  Your Style is learning how to mix and match and how to use accessories from your existing wardrobe for maximum benefit! We’ll even take a few pictures of the New Styled you, to keep.


Step 4 Shopping preparation (Filling in the Gaps)

If you do need to buy clothes (fill in any Gaps), I will have created a priority shopping list at your Style High Wardrobe Consultation / Edit.  At this point we can organise either a Style High Personal Shopping experience, so we know our target for your shop if you choose or alternatively for you to shop at your leisure.


Step 5 Follow up

Now we’ve found this amazing Style you had locked away, I won’t leave you stranded.  One week after your Style High Wardrobe Consultation /Edit, I will personally follow up with a phone call to see how you are feeling and if you have any questions.


Your Style High Wardrobe Consultation / Edit includes


  • Initial phone consultation
  • Body shape analysis and advice on how to flatter your shape
  • 1 x 2 hour session in your home to edit and organise your wardrobe
  • Show you how to Mix and Match your outfits
  • Take photographs of your new outfits
  • Follow up detailed suggested item list
  • Follow up phone consultation and Email
  • Unlimited Ongoing Help and Advice


 Contact us to Book   if you’re ready to save time and money by learning to wear what you have and find your Style!


Please note, we cover the Macarthur, Southern Highlands, Camden, Liverpool, Wollongong, Penrith and CBD Regions  

Unsure if we cover your area? Call or Send an email so we can help you.


Client Testimonials:

"Hi Narelle, Thanks for a great day - you can really make old outfits look good again..." SK

"I just want to say a massive Thankyou to Narelle for helping me re style my wardrobe and see what I actually had..." JLG


“Dear Narelle, Thank you so much for yesterday, it was amazing and you are were so very generous with your time. I am looking at my wardrobe with a new found respect......I'll be singing your praises for a while to come I'm sure! - ASY


"Narelle is fabulous, warm and engaging. Helping me feel immediately comfortable, she took my eclectic style in her stride... and pulled together my crazy wardrobe to work in ways I couldn't have imagined. I feel like I have a new wardrobe without the cost of one..."- Alicia Y