Why Choose us? ... But I’m not a Celebrity!


You don’t have to be! Nor is this an expensive exercise.  Think of the money you waste on clothes you never wear or do not fit properly! We use only 20% of our wardrobe 80% of the time! That's a massive waste on your personal investment!  Think about it...how many times do you stand in front of your wardrobe (full of clothes) and have nothing to wear?


With Style High, you will have a Professional Experience, but it will be tailored for you. It will be friendly, fun and most of all show you how to dress best for your Body Shape, your personality, while finding your own unique style and do it all within your budget!


We don’t work for any retailers so the there is never any pressure to buy. Decisions on shops we attend is because we believe these suit your style. We work to find a style that is you, not our style on you!


We operate in the Macarthur and Southern Highlands, Liverpool, Penrith and CBD.


You’ve already made the first step…YOU are here! Contact us for more information on any of our packages.  We can also package to suit your budget!